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Agents of SHADOW is the fourth book in Hall of Heroes, and takes place during Spies and Miracles: Veracity. It will be a ten-part series. It will follow the adventures of New MIST.

Author and production

Written by Jay and George North.


Episode 1: M.I.S.T. Was Just The Start...

The Team meet and start off by solving small crimes involving Veracity and TARGET. They are later told by Osborne and Blake that they have been selected for a special superpowered team, AKA the second M.I.S.T. They are given a second mission by Blake; to run a diagnostic on the enhanceds in Washington DC. It seems okay, until an extremely strong enhanced comes out at them. The team defeat him, but Donald Jones said that this enhanced has been injected with a gamma formula, making him more powerful.

Episode 2: New Enemy

Episode 3: Splitscreen

Episode 4: Blood Loss

Episode 5: Fire and Water

Episode 6: Escalation and descension

Episode 7: You Want Drama, Go To The Opera

Episode 8: No More SHADOWs To Hide In

Episode 9: Battle Plan Part 1

Episode 10: Battle Plan Part 2