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Here is a list of books in the Hall of Heroes series. Books in bold have been completed.

Phase One

Spies and Miracles: The Team

Sam book 1 cover
Spies and Miracles: The Team is the first book in the multiverse, taking place slightly before The Murderers (Book)

London. The near future. Mutants roam the Earth, and there is a silent war between the mutants, humans, and the people who are in the middle. Enter Alex, Zak, Ruby, Scarlet, Zane, and Ryan; the most powerful of the enhanceds have no choice but to team up together with the mysterious organisation SHADOW, to stop the thing that the evil Waiter wants most: world domination. 'The world is my marionette, and I can do anything. Hell, I can kill the President and get away with it.' But will there ever be peace between the champion and challenging race?

The Murderers

The Murderers takes place slightly after Spies and Miracles: The Team.

2008 “How could you do this? You’re a monster.” Johnny frantically walks throughout the room with his hands on his head. “This was your fault,” I said to the foolish boy. “You’re the reason this happened.” Blood was splattered all over the cracked floor. “I killed that girl for a reason. She died for a reason. I did what I had to do, Johnny. There are two guys in this room. One with the guts to get his hands dirty for the greater good and one little frack afraid to do anything. Guess who’s who?”

As kids, Johnny and Dave were best friends; however, after a traumatizing event, Dave is out to get his revenge against Johnny and will stop at nothing to get his way. Along with the help of his super powered friends, he sets out to destroy the world of his former top pal.

Set in the exhilarating HH Universe, among the ranks of SHADOW and the MIST team, stand The Murderers.

The Defenders

The Defenders happens soon after, but is set in the depths of our galaxy.

When six heroes are forced together, they must work as a team to protect one of the Five Keys of Vlanemheim, which are powerful objects which can destroy planets in seconds.

Spies and Miracles: Veracity

Sam 2 book cover
The sequel to Spies and Miracles: The Team.

The future is worth it. All the pain. All the tears. The future is worth the fight. - Martian Manhunter

‘What do you know about the Waiter, the leader of Veracity,’ Alex asked. ‘The Waiter? He’s merely a pawn in Phoenix’s large game of chess.’

Rejoin MIST, now an official protector of London and the rest of the world; a beacon of hope for both the humans and enhanceds. However, their missions become more than just a mystery, when they uncover the terrifying organisation Veracity. They hit the heroes and SHADOW head on, leading to a massive conclusion that will ripple through Hall of Heroes forever. Spies and Miracles: Veracity picks up from Spies and Miracles: The Team, and happens alongsideAgents of SHADOW.

Agents of SHADOW

When seven young enhanceds are recruited by SHADOW, everything seems to be fine-until they are met by the terrifying force of TARGET; a deadly organisation, and the remains of Veracity.

Episode 6 happens during Spies and Miracles: Veracity.

Phase Two

The Quadrants

The Quadrants takes place after Spies and Miracles: Veracity, and will consist of ten episodes. It will follow the adventures of The Quadrants (Team).