Brevar is a member of The Defenders

The Defenders

Powers and Abilities

Being a Maltir, Brevar is strong and able to take quite a few hits. His strength is accompanied by his extensive military training.


Though loyal and friendly to a fault, Brevar tends to take things very seriously. He's stubborn, not at all willing to do things he finds wrong or simply bothersome. Brevar's a big picture guy, not caring about the little details.


Born on a space station, Brevar had never been on a planet until the events of The Defenders. His parents were very patriotic and he wanted to serve the people of Malta as best as he could.

He grew up and joined the military, working hard to get through the intense training. He served loyally until a chance meeting made him look at things from someone else's point of view.

When it came down to it, Brevar realized that the Maltir had been destroying the lives of others and sought to escape from his military life.

The opportunity came in the form of Corvira.