Garrett is a member of The Defenders.

The Defenders

Powers and Abilities

Garrett is the skilled pilot of the starship Moxy. He excels at finding the fastest ways to get from one place to another, though that route might not be the safest.

Because of his love for his ship, Garrett is an able engineer and does most of the Moxy's repairs and maintainance.

His bionic right eye allows him to be a very good shot on the rare occasions he ever picks up a gun.


Garrett tries to only look out for himself, but his big heart just won't let him. Though wary of pretty much everyone, anyone who earns Garrett's trust has his loyalty as well. He may act like the Moxy is most important thing in his life, but he's got room for a few friends as well.

Despite his attempts to keep himself safe, Garrett can be rather reckless. A thrill seeker at heart, Garrett doesn't exactly mind throwing himself into danger. Sometimes this doesn't end well for him, but he generally gets out in one piece.


Garrett's early life wasn't eventful. His parents, the human Jared Langley and the mysterious Anna, were set to marry. Anna disappeared shortly before the wedding, leaving Garrett to be raised by his father.

At age 6, Garrett's hybrid DNA was discovered by Uancum, a skilled bounty hunter. Uancum was set to abduct Garrett, but decided he could kill two birds with one stone by screwing Jared and taking Garrett in the morning.

This did not work out. A planned crime ended up in a relationship and Garrett ended up with two dads. Garrett spent half his time on Earth with Jared and half with Uancum, relishing in the moments they were all together.

At 18, Garret decided he wanted to work with Uancum. Already skilled in criminal ways, Garrett found it easy. In celebration, Uancum gave Garrett an old, refurbished Zaphi cruiser.

A year later, Garrett had his right eye clawed out by an animal while the outlaw group was boarding a government supply ship. Though he survived and got a bionic replacement, Garrett quit the criminal life and began his career as a free lance courier.

He managed to stay on the straight and narrow for 9 years, and then the events ofThe Defenders happened.