Hyperverse is a franchise created by LuckyEmile. It is a "parody series" revolving around verse of the same name, full of many powerful-entities.

The Hyperverse

Whilst a seperate series, a crossover has shown that the Hyperverse is within the larger Hall of Heroes Multiverse...

The Hyperverse contains several multiverses which are in different realities to each other. Some of the multiverses are even 2Dimensional! The most important universe within the Hyperverse is a large universe called the Centralverse, which is home to most major characters. It is also the largest and most durable universe.

Within the verse itself, it is known as a "megaverse", a collection of several seperate multiverses. However, in terms of the Hall of Heroes logic, it still is a multiverse. It defies Many-world theory due to it's complexity, meaning every decision has only one outcome as opposed to an infinite amount. This is perhaps why the reality is 6 dimensional within the Hyperverse.

The rules of the Hyperverse

These rules may contradict those of other universes, but are the rules of the Hyperverse itself.


-Reality in this megaverse is 6Dimensional. 

-To attack an entity who's dimensions are 7D+, one must attack at a right angle to reality.

-The same is said for 7D+ Shields...


-Teleportation counts as a 4D ability, and time-travel counts as a 5D ability.

-The Time-Warp Rifle is a 3Dimensional object that can manipulate the fifth Dimension...

-4D shields, usually Hypercubes, are on a different classification to the fourth dimension. These shields are spacial, whilst the fourth dimension is temporary. 


-Life developed from water is impure. Life that has not developed from water is pure and so will live much longer.