Jared Langley is the father of Garrett Langley.

The Defenders

Powers and Abilities

Jared has a doctorate in physics and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his education in physics, he works as a mechanical engineer.

Jared is an average human and is not enhanced.


Jared is a kind man, willing to help everyone he can. He's a tad reserved, but knows when he should stand up for something.


Jared grew up in a big city. As soon as he could, he let to live in a more urban area.

He met the mysterious Anna while at college. The two began a relationship. Anna became pregnant and Jared proposed to her.

Shortly before their wedding, Anna disappeared and left Jared with their infant son. Jared raised Garrett alone until a skilled bounty hunter, Uancum, discovered Garrett's aberrant DNA. Rather than losing his son, Jared gained a relationship with Uancum and the two raised Garrett together.

Jared currently works as a mechanical engineer and does his best to support any troubled enhanced humans.