The following is a list of quotes from the books in Hall of Heroes. Anyone can add quotes which they like, or think are good, just follow the following format...

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Spies and Miracles: The Team

  • "The world is in a mess. It's in trouble. It's 2016, and it's been three years since they started to pop up. People called them mutants, in-humans, supers, but their official name is enhanceds. Most enhanceds got on with their everyday life, but the minority rampaged, committed crimes, and no one could stop them. They could set fire to someone with the flick of a wrist, or throw their cars. The response team, SHADOW, formed into an organisation when this happened, formed by Thomas Osborne and Joseph Steele. They set up a HQ in London, and made a deal with the government. SHADOW was our protector, until a new threat popped up. SHADOW's opposite, Veracity, and their first step was to create a revolution with all of the enhanceds they could find.Luckily, good has one resort. Six teenage enhanceds, that fate picked. And now; I can see one of them fly past my bedroom window. This is Jay Kesav, an internet blogger fan-boying about these heroes. Great. Imagine, in a parallel reality, this book I'm writing, is fictional." - Jay Kesav (the one from HHU1, not him from our reality), in the Prelude.

  • "You are a beauty. I hope you don't mind, I'm coming inside." Alex to One Canada Square in Chapter One.

  • "I want what you want. I'm assembling a team." Osborne to Zak and Ruby in Chapter One.

  • "I'll never give you ANYTHING." "Yes. Yes you will. The world is my marionette, and I can do anything. Hell, I can kill the President and get away with it." Zane to The Waiter, and The Waiter replying in Chapter Two.

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