Rinu is a member of The Defenders.

The Defenders

Powers and Abilities

As with all Kiltar, Rinu is agile and able to leap huge distances easily. He has no formal training and is about average among his species.


Unlike most Kiltar, Rinu hates being part of a rigid system. As soon as he could, he took a shuttle away from Valar's militaristic government. "Took" meaning "steal," as Rinu was very desparate to escape.

Despite this, Rinu is very loyal. Though he may talk big, he's very down to earth and will do whatever he can to defend anyone he thinks is worth it.


Born on Valar, Rinu grew up scrappy and kicked out of most schools. Forced into military service by his parents and society, Rinu did whatever he could to escape.

And he did.